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Australia may be a rugged and untamed land but there is nothing rugged about Sydney. The very modern and bustling city is very much alive. This city is located in the south west corner of Australia right near the coast. It is the largest and oldest city in Australia and that attracts more tourists than any other city in the country.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney's Harbour is by the far one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. Millions of tourists a year flock to Sydney to enjoy the magnificent views from the bay. You can enjoy ferries, dinner cruises, and speedboats or even take a hands-on sailboat adventure around the bay. There are many ways to enjoy the harbour, even from above at the AMP Tower. Here you can see the entire city while eating dinner. The restaurant slowly rotates giving you a panoramic view of the city without ever moving.

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are globally recognised and the top tourist attractions that Sydney has to offer. The bridge is not only one of the most distinguished bridges in the world but also offers you the chance to climb it. Groups leave every day to climb the unique arches and enjoy Sydney from an entirely new perspective. These tours are very safe and have been running for years. Tours are also available through the Opera House that gives you a backstage look of this amazing international symbol. The Opera House is not big enough to have a grand opera perform there unfortunately, however there are still many things to enjoy including the concert hall, opera and drama theatre and a recital hall. A fifth theatre was also built in 1998. The Opera House also has many restaurants, bars and even can host a special reunion or party. This truly is a special place to visit and perhaps you will have time to enjoy a performance.

Observatory Hill

Sydney offers many unique experiences including visiting Observatory Hill. This small hill is the home to one of the oldest telescopes in the world built back in 1858. Here you can see a completely different sky if you live north of the Equator. The Big Dipper constellation cannot be seen from Australia, however they have just as popular constellations. The Southern Cross is easy to recognize and only can be seen "down-under." The observatory has added some modern features including a computer system that will point the age-old telescope to any star. Reservations are essential, as the observatory cannot handle hundreds of people at a time. They will take you on a tour of their facility as well as give you a chance to look through the telescope at different celestial objects.


Sydney also has some of the best beaches you can find. If you plan to soak in some rays at the famous Bondi Beach, make sure you know that the climate in the southern hemisphere is the opposite of the northern hemisphere. Australia's summer is in January and July and August is the coldest time of the year. Of course, their summers are much longer; you should expect about 8 months of sunshine.


What makes Sydney great along with its unique attractions is that everyone speaks English. This may sound obvious but travelling to a strange country where everything is new takes some getting use to. If you cannot understand anyone, it makes it even harder. Their version of English is different from Americans and different from those in England. It may take some getting use to but Australians may use the same words but they have different meanings than we are use to in the States.


If you need help or have a question, you will find that Australians are quite warm and more than happy to help. I found that asking for help resulted in hours of conversations as we shared cultural differences and similarities. This is great vacation family destination where the sun always shines and the hospitality never ends.

Often recognised for its politics, in September and October Canberra comes alive during Floriade.  For 30 days in September and October, Canberra hosts Australia’s biggest flower festival.  Incredible colours light up the nation’s capital green parks and gardens.  Floriade has shops, exhibitions and live concerts to entertain the whole family.

With an expected 400,000 local, interstate and international visitors, Floriade gets bigger and better every year.  Visitors learn more about gardening; enjoy films, galleries, markets and Canberra attractions.  For 30 days the garden beds of Commonwealth Park are colour, fragrant works of art.  Follow the Floriade Trail and soak up beautiful Canberra in the spring.

Floriade is the result of a long lengthy creative process; 18 months of planning and gardening every year.  Each year tulips, irises, daffodils, violas, chrysanthemums and daises blossom Canberra.

Floriade NightFest a five night festival of entertainment, films, markets, food, wine and music is popular among locals.  Floriade is light up to illuminate the beautiful flowers of Canberra.  Wander through local art and craft at the night markets or see Canberra light up from above on Floriade’s fairest wheel.

There is much to see and do beyond Floriade, from hot air balloon rides to the historic Australian War Memorial.  Take a walk through our political history at Old Parliament House or visit the Australian Alps and National parks only a short drive outside of Canberra.  If you are after something to entertain the kids, Questacon is must.  Kids will love learning about science while having tones of fun!

The Red Centre is one of Australia’s most naturally beautiful places. A sacred space for Aboriginal people, the Red Centre is a endless horizon of vibrant red sand.

Many tourists don’t realize but there is much green vegetation and lush waterholes across the Red Centre. Making it one of Australia’s most magical, silent and relaxing holidays.

Things to do

If you’re travelling through the Australia’s centre; Alice Springs is a must. Located just 200 kilometres south outside of Australia’s geographic centre, making the Red Centre Australia’s heart. While in Alice Spring enjoy a bush walk, four-wheel drive or camel trek across the dunes of Simpson Desert. Explore our Indigenous history through rock art, arte facts and ceremonial art.

Uluru will amaze you! Locate in the deep centre of Australia; Uluru is a 348 metre rock formation. Watch the sunset over the iconic rock or learn about its spiritual culture. Witness Uluru’s greatness by motorcycle, on a camel or helicopter. Just 40 kilometres from Uluru is Kata Tjuta: steep dune formations from over 500 million years ago.

Explore breathtaking views across the Watarrka National Park and Kings Canyon. Kings Canyon is a magical place; the large rock walls provide shelter for lush green plants. Swim in tropical pool and see rare plant life.

Looking for some action? Jump into a four-wheel drive and drive through towering sandstone cliffs and Franke River located in Finke Gorge Nation Park.

The Red Centre is a breath taking experience that cannot be missed!

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